It’s a fact: one of the most known chain stores of Athens that, besides all technological and cultural products also sells Apple products, has initiated vending Apple computers at so-called international version. This happens due to a direct cooperation with Apple Computers Inc. The Apple’s Greek IMC still remains the supplier, also continues to have the responsibility of supplying the Greek market with the greek version -as some name them- offering the support services for all Apple products that are being distributed in Greece from its resellers.
Actually, this new is not totally new. Until now all independent importers were selling international versions of Macintoshes. The good news is that now we have the opportunity to purchase those Macs from a renowned computer shop without any multi-week delay, as it happens otherwise.
This also affects the prices of Mac systems in Greece; now they are even closer to those sold at the rest European countries.
The first bit of these Macs have already been on sale!

As we informed, it seems that in Czech Republic “have serious problems for years but now it has even escalated” regards Apple products & service. It seems also that they act the same way we act: writing letters to Mr. Jobs.

Πλήρη δημοσίευση

First step to a Greek Apple Education. Here it is, a step to the right direction, at last!
The Greek IMC Rainbow Computers, has open the processes of registration at their own Educational Discount Program for Apple Products in Greece. Unfortunately, (as they use to do so) it is a little complicated to register in this program but we are glad to hear its existence!
Our feel is that “something is moving” in the Greek Apple Market. We hope that soon we will have more improvements. Stay tuned.
Source: Macephemera forum.

  • Hellenic Campus On Line Store for Apple Products
  • Apple Education
  • On the 28th of November, 2006, Macworld reported: “Mac users in Greece have stepped up their campaign for local support from Apple with the introduction of self-made Greek localisation for Mac OS X. The pressure group is currently beta testing the localization for free under a General Public Licence. The group is also offering free Greek fonts. It is upset that Apple, like many computer manufacturers, has no dedicated Greek presence.”
    Macworld staff continues saying: “The company doesn’t even offer a Greek version of its website. Along with localized versions of Apple software, the group wants the company to open its own office in Greece.”

    The same day The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) reported too:Greeks demand local Apple support. They feel neglected and overlooked despite their fondness for Macintoshes. The aptly named has sprung up to help fill the support gap...”

    Apple, we are not only asking you for things to do; we are making things you should do!
    We offer for free the Mac OS X Hellenic localization plus Greek free fonts; we have to pay nothing any more for tricks to the Greek IMC.

  • We translated them all.
  • We made it under a General Public License (GPL).
  • We include Greek free fonts.
  • We offer the free code to the public.
  • Soon it will be offered for free download (it is in beta version yet).

  • The “hello Mac OS!” team.

    On November 13, 2006 we send emails “for the announcement of our protest site and our online petition” to the following four addresses/Apple dept.’ directors: Industry Analyst Relations, Mac PR, Corporate PR, International Contacts (Europe, Middle East & Africa).
    By those emails, we urged the recipients: “to forward this letter to whom it may concern, thus helping us to promote a solution to the intolerable situation regarding Apple products and service in Greece”. No Apple reply.

    Nov 24th, 2006

    Special wwag agent team

    Some members of SWAT (special wwag agent team) recently visited Italy and UK and took some photos from the inside of the AppleStores, wearing wwag t-shirts.
    Some of them had the opportunity to answer some questions from the AppleStores’ customers, about their problems with Macs; hey, just kidding!
    Good job fellows!

    Nov 23rd, 2006

    Don Taylor’s comment

    “Thank you Apple and Steve Jobs for not bothering with the problem of not having a serious Apple dealer in Greece. For after all these years and so many macs, we the mac users in Greece have become experts in service and solving any problems that comes along.”

    Don Taylor
    Record/Music Producer/Composer
    Petition to Steve Jobs, comment 307.

    Nov 23rd, 2006

    Borko Savic’s comment

    “I am Serbian student in Greece, using PowerBook G4. I went to “Apple Store” in Thessaloniki in order to buy the new MacBook Pro, but they told me that they do not actually sell anything, so they sent me to some office from which I can buy the lap top.
    When I got there, it turned out to be some dirty apartment where a very unpleasant salesman gave me the price that is 20% higher than EU price [and the one advertised on]. When I asked for the explanation, he told me that he will give me tax-free receipt and cheaper RAM upgrade, so at the end I will save few euros!
    I really believe that such a good brand should not be handled by such a stupid people. Of course, I have postponed my purchase until I travel to some normal European country.”

    Borko Savic
    Serbian student studying in Greece
    Petition to Steve Jobs, comment 1441.

    “Steve, in my family we have 5 Macs. If you give us AppleGreece, then we will have more than 15! Please, take it into account. My colleges, my friends and my students are stand by: just do the right movement.
    We will support you so you don’t need to worry about this investment. Trust us, Steve. We love Apple, we love Macs. We love innovating technology combined with design and easy-to-use software. Just do us the favor.”

    Tassos Kampouris
    Petition to Steve Jobs, comment 1256.

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