“Back at the time of Mac OS 4 you sent people to “listen” our opinions and you gave solutions. Today, some years later, with Mac OSX we feel forgotten.”

Stavros Stavridis
Support Manager of the Geotechnical Department of Municipality of Larissa city
Petition to Steve Jobs, comment 493.

Πλήρη δημοσίευση

“I’m signing not simply with the vague hope of “some improvement” but with complete confidence that Steve will wish to address with the utmost urgency and concern the problem which this petition seeks to bring to light...!”

Hieromonk Ephraim Athonite
Petition to Steve Jobs, comment 1126.

Nov 21st, 2006

1500 signatures!

Athens, the ancient capital of the western culture. 6.000.000* people deserve at least one real Apple Store!
Steve, Apple, please make it happen.

Athens, the capital of Greece and no real Apple store in sight.
Almost 6.000.000 souls and we have only two shops bearing the title of the Apple Store. Two shops that do NOT reach even the most elementary standards that an Apple Store should. Stores, where you can not do your actual buying, but you can only sign documents and forms, so that you can do your buying on the net, later. These stores operate as “demo centers”. Did you get confused?
* Estimated population, including people living and working in the wide metropolitan area of Athens.
Photo is courtesy of IML Image Group Ltd., © Roberto Meazza.

Thessaloniki, the alternative capital of Greece. Cultural Centre & crossroad of Balkan countries! Apple’s representation should be real.
Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece holding out as the economic and cultural centre of the whole Balkan region. Geopolitically is a crossroad between East and West, today constitutes a significant hub of trans-European networks in education, culture, transportation and finance. Over 1,8 milion people visit the City’s International Fairs, which have over 6.000 participants. Also over 200.000 students are part of city’s population and life.
Photo is courtesy of IML Image Group Ltd., © Velissarios Voutsas.

Every year Greece offers hospitality to more than 14.000.000* visitors and tourists. Some of them would definitely want to buy a new Mac or even accessories.
Apple, you haven’t helped a lot on this!

There are usually no international Macintosh models -as some name them- in stock, in Greece.
If any of the visitors, during the short period of their vacation, wanted to purchase an Apple product, they would have paid a lot more money to buy the so-called greek model, that has nothing more to offer than the international one. Furthermore, the international Mac models, don’t even have the same prices compared to the ones sold throughout Europe.
So, why would anyone want to purchase Apple products from Greece? Isn’t this bad publicity for Apple?
*14.276.465 arrivals of foreign visitors in 2005, according to General Secretariat of National Statistical Service of Greece.

Q: I am an ADC Select member based in Greece. Why can’t I take advantage of the ADC Hardware Purchase Program in my country?
A: Greece is not a supported country for the ADC Hardware Purchase Program. Move your business to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland or the UK.

Q: I live in UK for the past 9 years, and I have the same GR-Update software. Anyway, I decided to upgrade it now, by buying a newer GR-Update version. Is it possible to do this for my Mac, and for my son’s Mac also?
A: Unfortunately you can’t. You have to keep the 9-year-old version! But if you want to do so “You can acquire a new GR Update* version for 2 users, and you’ll have to buy 2 new Mac OS X retail boxes from the Greek Apple IMC”. *Greek Mac Os X localization is offered by the Official Apple IMC in Greece (not for free, of course).

Q: In AppleStore UK, after customising my Mac Pro with built-to-order options which is suitable for my kind of work, I saw that the estimated shipment day went from 24 hours to 3 days. Anyway, I am not really bothered waiting for a few days. Is the situation the same in Greece?
A: Just as you already know, the situation is a lot worse: there is not even an estimated shipment information. In the webpage of the Greek AppleStore there is just a note saying: “built-to-order options increase dramatically the amount of days needed for shipment and in some cases pre-payment may be asked”.

Q: Hey dad! When we were at the Manchester AppleStore, I saw some signs, just like these above. What are these? Do we have a “Genius Bar” in our country?
A: I’m so sorry son, all these are not available in our country. Remember: we live in Greece!

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