Jan 31st, 2007

Apple’s surprises for the Greeks, coming in 6 months!

It seems that something is moving in Apple Europe regarding their Greek customers!
“The second half 2007 holds certain pleasant surprises for the Greeks, that are abandoned for quite some time from Apple.” Pascal Cagni, Vice-president & General Manager EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa), Apple.

Fabio M. Zambelli, our friend and supporter from neighboring Italy (setteB.IT), was invited at Macworld Expo, San Francisco early this January. While been there, he had the opportunity to interview Mr. Pascal Cagni, the “head” of Apple Europe.
Fabio had promised to us, he would do his best: by trying to ask any executive of Apple, on how the company intends to improve the company’s presence in Greece, in the near future. He did it, and so he aimed to the top of Apple’s European list: Pascal Cagni.

”It appears that Mr. Cagni knows indeed the situation in Greece and works already in order to solve these problems” says Fabio and continue: “here it is what he said to us, regarding to the subject: The situation is not easy in Greece. We are interested of course to please our customers in Greece, bur the last time period, we could not do it well. Unfortunately, our dealer in Greece, is tired and does not have a motive. We are aware of that and we are already taking the necessary steps to solve this situation.”
Mr. Cagni appeared more generous speaking to Fabio and his last words of this interview were: “I believe in the following 6 months, a lot of things will change in Greece.”

Great news indeed. It seems that our aim pushed a little more to the solution of this unfair situation in Greece. We are still hoping; thanks a lot Fabio!
You can read all of Fabio’s interview with the Italian-French, Pascal Cagni on setteB.IT article “Apple Europa: via quella patina alla Grecia”.



Yes! It might be the beginning of an end, and at the same time, the start of a new era for the Greek Mac users! Thank you Fabio for the good news!

Today a banner from iTunes Store, linked for the first time, to the Greek IMC ‘Apple Store’. Could it mean that things are getting on track?

This are some really good news!!!
An great succes for the greek mac user community, I think.

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