Dec 7th, 2006

Hellenic Campus On Line Store for Apple Products

First step to a Greek Apple Education. Here it is, a step to the right direction, at last!
The Greek IMC Rainbow Computers, has open the processes of registration at their own Educational Discount Program for Apple Products in Greece. Unfortunately, (as they use to do so) it is a little complicated to register in this program but we are glad to hear its existence!
Our feel is that “something is moving” in the Greek Apple Market. We hope that soon we will have more improvements. Stay tuned.
Source: Macephemera forum.

  • Hellenic Campus On Line Store for Apple Products
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    FFS, you are asked for a signed letter from the secretary office of the university you are studying in in order for them to believe you that you really are a student! Someone needs to tell them about the University ID cards all university students have!

    And they still ask you for your ID card number and your tax payer’s number, just to buy a Mighty Mouse!

    Even when a step ahead is made, its still two steps behind. We do not like the “weird” way of Apple promotion in this country. Simply give Macintosh to the mashes. Remove the difficulties the Greek IMC has invented (only God knows why), and make Apple products accesible to everyone!

    What is the exact price difference? Also do we still need to w8 for ages in order to receive a product?

    Finally I also mock the need of a secretary letter!!!! What is this? As an economics student, I must say that is a totally wrong way to approach customers? What are we criminals?

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