Nov 21st, 2006

Online petition: Steve, please do something!

To: Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple

Dear Steve,

The time has come that we, the Apple-Mac users in Greece, call upon your help and ask for Apple’s attention.

In an attempt to stimulate the interest of those responsible for the ongoing, unacceptable situation in Greece in regard to Apple products and service, the “” has been created by Greek Mac users.
We, the clients and end consumers of apple products, have long been left out of every new Apple development taking place in the rest of the EU. The service and support provided by several companies in our country do not follow even the basic standards set by Apple companies worldwide.
It is extremely important for one to realize that the percentage of the Mac platform in Greece today is much higher than that presented by the incomplete Greek IMC statistics which left out details of other Mac independent importers, sales from Europe, USA, etc. Despite the bad service and lack of support in our country, we still have a surprising high - and growing! - number of Mac users.
We are faced with closed doors at the local IMC, however with the immense effort of Mac users across the country, local Mac communities have been set up to provide support and to promote Apple products within our country.
We stand united in our quest for a competitive Apple products market, as well as real help, support and service for these products, set at the same high standards as the rest of the EU.

Mac users in Greece have come together to sign this petition and call for Apple Inc. and your help to set up Apple Greece, or even better “Apple Hellas”.

Steve, please do something!

We thank you for your time and eagerly anticipate your reply.
The Greek Mac users and friends.

The Undersigned

All the above text is our online petition “Steve, please do something!”. The petition was uploaded on 27th of October, 2006 and it is still accessible here; no reply from Apple Inc. until now.



In a country where wages are a fraction of those abroad its unethical for Rainbow to have such high prices and such low grade service for Apple’s delicious products!!!

Apple must have a presence in Greece… I’d be happy to promote apple and apple products in Greece.

Dear Steve,
Tomorrow i’m getiing the airplane and go to Berlin to buy some Apple products. It’s much cheaper than to get them from Rainbow Greece!
please give us the opportunity to get the same prices with the rest of the EU countries.

just to add my two pence worth: I am a mac user (I have NEVER used a PC) and I want Apple Greece.
Down with Rainbow (How much can one company suck? A lot.....)

I have always been a PC user and a computer geek.
I became a Mac user in 2004 and my first contact was with OS X 10.4 “Tiger”.

I truly believe in the “Once you go Mac you never go back” motto.
However the harsh reality in my country is that Apple products are represented by a “gangster” company which utilizes the worst monopolistic tactics at their disposal. And they do it shamelessly.

I went to buy an iPod the other day and was astounded by the price difference.
They essentialy take the USA prices in dollars and use them in Euros.
That’s preposterous. It’s essentially 30% more expensive.
I could see that with a less negative state of mind if the service and respect customers receive was up to par but IT ISN’T!
It’s not only sub-par. It’s grossly disappointing and reaches the point of being provocative.

When looking to buy the iPod I asked if I bought an iPod bought online from a French (for example) reseller could I receive technical supoort. I was given a blunt and even ironic “No!” as a response which I can’t say I (or anyone else for that matter) appreciate much.

It is obvious that this despicable company is hurting Apple’s sales and reputation in Greece.

We are, well, somewhat artistic as people in general and we have rather talented people in areas where Apple products can work wonders.
But their still using PCs, they’re still forced to buy Windows Vista because at least that way they won’t be helpless should something break.

As someone mentioned before to buy something or receive support you have to PHYSICALLY present yourself in one of the stores. So around 40-50% of the population refrain from buying a Mac (more so for businesses, schools etc.) since there is no on-site support whatsoever to be had and moreover you have actually travel up to 700 kilometres over land or sea to actually be able to buy something.
An “ability” which will be granted to you after 4-5 weeks, rendering it useless for people looking to make a quick purchase as they head off one island to the other for studies for example.

As someone has pointed out to me “In Greece it’s easier to buy illegal firearms AND get techinal support and training than an Apple Macintosh”.

How SAD is that? How damaging to the powerful brand name of Apple which has for years been associated with a more humane approach to computing?

Also, something I’d like to point out:

There is no contact with a Mac ever to be had by someone without a Mac owner friend/relative.

It’s mostly a word of mouth promotion by a passionate community of actual users.

No ads.
No promotional programs whatsoever.
No approaches to schools. Kids learn that computing is clicking on OK in MS Windows’ error messages.
No academic campaigns. I’ve yet to see a Mac in an academic facility in my country.

The general reputation shared among 99% of the Mac-ignorant is:

Macs are slow.
Macs don’t have software to do most common things.
Macs can’t play games.
Macs are unstable.
Macs are incompatible with most peripherals and software filetypes used with PCs.
Macs are just expensive over-hyped scaled down versions of PCs with a toy OS and a gay* design.
Macs are only liked by people who don’t know how to use a computer.
Macs are NOT REAL computers.

*This is used with a derogatory meaning by such people.

These misconceptions come from the fact that people don’t actually know what a Mac is.

On a final note, a cry out to Apple:


i am adding my vote and petition for u to bring apple to greece.  apple products are amazing and have a excellent reputation that the current greek company is doing its best to destroy.  there would be more apple computers sold in greece if the situation with rainbow did not exist.  the fact u cannot get any real service out of this company, the cost of products and their policies and procedures make it extremely difficult to gain more mac users.  we mac users know we have the best product on the market, but when u have a company like rainbow between apple and the greek consumer your market share suffers.  if it was not for the wonderful, generous, sharing and caring mac community we would be up the creek without a paddle here!!

I want to stop paying horns (κερατιάτικα) to rainbow every time I buy an Apple product…

ie ipods cost 40-50€ more, thank you rainbow.

Dear Mr Jobs .

I am a huge computer fan (and user of course) for over 20 years . I am a pc user but i respect your products and your originality .
I strongly believe that you must open a branch of your company here in Greece because there is a very strong and growing Greek MAC community .
I personally would love to buy an Iphone . I think it’s fantastic , but i am afraid that here in Greece the price would be very high and the support will suck bigtime !! . So give as a chance to feel like true Europeans and buy your products with the same prices and the same support like the others . Please Do it and you’ll never regret it .

hi steve!!! I told many of my friends to sighn and they did!!! How many signatures do you need????

It seems to me that rainbow computers, here in Greece, acts in a way that is unacceptable by anyone who has ever done bussiness with them. Please do something soon. Bring Apple computers here in Greece.

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