Nov 21st, 2006

Question 6, about Battery Exchange Program

Q: Recently I have heard about MacBook Pro “Worldwide Battery Exchange Program”. My battery matches the requirements so it needs to be exchanged. Could I do it in Greece the same way?
A: Sorry, this is not possible. You have to send your battery first along with some documents and a fee, wait few weeks without the battery until your application approved and then the new battery will sent to you. I know, I know: you have to make it “MacBook Pro Desktop” until then!



This is the first of two posting, which is my complaint to rc. The second post that followes are their nice reply.

Following is a email corresponding between myself and Rainbow after 3 month of phone calls, several email messages in order to replace my recalled Powerbook battery.

My email to rainbow
From: “Harald Gjermundrød”
Date: 30 Νοεμβρίου 2006 8:31:26 ΜΜ GMT+02:00
To: rc
Subject: Worst Service Ever (Re: Re-Re: International Warranty Claim

Dear Panoraia

I went and picked up my battery today, but I had to pay 13 Cypriot pound because you had sent it so that the receiver had to pay. This is UNACCEPTABLE and I expect to receive a check in this amout sent to:
Dr. Harald Gjermundrod

If I do not receive this check I will launch an official complaint to apple in the USA. This is because this should have been for free (see note 1 below). Below are my dissatisfaction complaints with the apple support that I have received from Greece:

1) When I first contacted you in September on the phone number listed on your page for the battery exhange program, I was told to call another number.

2) I repeatedly called this new number for a week. Then I called the original number and was told that the second number was only answered for 1 hour per weekday. If you called ouside this one hour you were put on hold (with music) for ever, instead of playing a recorded message that this number will only be answered between this time!!!! Is this to make your customers give up and start to buy Dells instead???

3) After I got hold of you it took you over a month to “decide” that you had to help me and give me some “service”.

4) I had to sign a form that I had received the battery from you BEFORE you would send me the new one. THIS IS AGAINST APPLE’S POLICY. When I voiced my concern about this of “How can I trust you that you will send me my battery” You claimed that I could trust you, I guess that was not the case.

5) I sent the battery with the signed form and had to pay for this shipment myself. This was 2 Cypriot punds so I didn’t care.

6) When I received the battery, you had shipped it with the most EXPENSIVE way possible and I had to pay for it (even though there was an option to be paid by the shipper).

7) You have also added my email address to your spam list (special offers). I did not consent to be put on such a list and expect to be removed IMMEDIATELY.

For your information I have NEVER been treated so badly as a customer and will therefore boycot any apple products that are sold in Greece and Cyprus. From now on I will fly to another European country and buy my hardware from there, since you do not offer ANY customer service what so ever.

Note 1:
Quoting Apple (
Apple is voluntarily recalling the affected batteries and has initiated a worldwide exchange program to provide eligible customers with a new replacement battery, free of charge. This program is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and other international safety authorities.

Dr. Harald Gjermundrod


This is the second of two posting, which is the “nice” reply from rc about my complaint.

From: rc
To: Gjeermundrod Harald
Date: Dec 8, 2006 11:15 AM
Subject: Re-Worst Service Ever

Dear Mr Gjermundrød,

You claim that you have never been treated so badly as a customer by us and from now on you you will prefer to buy products from another European country. But, Mr Gjermundrød please consider for one minute that you had already chosen to buy from another country prior to our serving you and it was NOT YOUR CHOSEN SELLER WHO HELPED YOU SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM, BUT US WHOM YOU CHOSE NOT TO BUY FROM, THAT FINALLY HELPED YOU. Isn’t this ironic ?

Please note that the specific Battery Recall Program is honored by Apple itself as warranty case and not by the local distributor. However Rainbow S.A (the local distributor) has created a special service for such cases in order to facilitate the customers locally, adhering to specific procedures required by Apple. Thus an International Warranty Section has been created which operates only one hour per working day, since the number of cases needing attention is normally very small. We apologize for any inconvenience that occurred, due to the fact that during this autumn there was a higher number of cases, as a result of the specific program. However it is not possible to accept that the colleague who informed you about the Warranty Section phone number, forgot to mention the 14.30 - 15.30 working hour.

In reference to the fact that you signed a special form without us having delivered the battery, it was (in your case due to the distance) the most practical and time saving way, since we received this form simultaneously with the faulty battery (which is delivered to Apple). So, despite your initial hesitations, you did receive the new battery and the needed procedure for our service department has been fulfilled.

As far as freight costs are concerned, we have agreed with Apple to offer this replacement service as a “carry in” service. However, if you consider the freight costs to be high, given the fact that it is Apple itself which honors the Battery Exchange Program, we suggest that you send us scanned the freight costs receipt, so that we can send your claim to Apple.

Practically speaking Mr. Gjermundrød we have put business time and efforts towards serving you, in every concern that you have expressed and this has cost us (in real money) more than the freight costs, but it is a matter of principle for us, in the same way that it is a matter of principle for you.

Contrary to what you may think, we would have really expected a simple “thank you” for all our efforts to serve you in the best possible way and at the same time adhere to all required procedures, without ANY FINANCIAL INTEREST for ourselves, just out of pure desire to help you as an INTERNATIONAL Apple customer.

Best regards,

Lialiou Panoraia
International Warranty Section
Rainbow S.A
75, Elia Eliou Street
117 44 Athens
tel.: 0030-210-9011713
fax: 0030-210-9012540

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