Jan 11th, 2007

Apple changed the world -again- this time by iPhone

Some incredible things happened to Macworld Expo, some expected things were not mentioned at all.
You may have already read hundreds of reviews about the keynote, the iPhone, the upgrated AirPort Extreme, the Apple TV and the new name of the Apple Computer Incorporate.
“The company is transforming from a mainly-computer company to a consumer entertainment/computer company a la company. Currently, the company has two main product lines: the Mac and the iPod. Soon the iPhone and iTV will join them. And more products will doubtless follow in the weeks ahead.” Dennis Sellers of Macsimum News says.
Although “Apple’s retail stores will be an important element in selling the new iPhone cellular phone” Gary Allen of ifoAppleStore writes; also the iPhone “will be available in June at Cingular’s 2.100 company-owned stores and kiosks, and 10.000 Cingular authorized agents” in the USΑ.
“Selling the iPhone means that, before the June introduction date, Apple stores will be equipped with terminals allowing access to Cingular’s customer management software, and employees will be trained to handle the routine customer credit checks, credit card processing and phone activation tasks associated with selling a cellular phone. Many questions remain about how Apple and Cingular will share revenues from sales of iPhones and monthly service charges.” continues Gary.
In the meantime there has been no mention yet about the Apple’s European partner - cellular carrier; it is complicated indeed and no clue about the situation here. We hope that Apple has started to plan a solution that will work in Europe too.
What about Greece? Please, don’t ask.
By the way: Apple iPhone’s iFuture depends on partners as Cliff Edwards of Yahoo Finance says.



Well I don’t want to see Applestores turned into some kind of vodafone-stores, same way I didn’t want to see them turned into iPod-stores. I hope that Apple won’t give up making computers and supporting them.

Will we ever see it here?
Maybe, but with the attitude of local IMC none will bye it…
Come on apple we are like other Europeans, and we are over 10 million. We are not 4 million like new Zealand!

Let’s hope that iPhone will get Apple closer to Greece, as we stand on the top of the countries that refer to mobile telephony in Europe.

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