Dec 7th, 2006

Czech Republic: Apple, we have a problem here, too

As we informed, it seems that in Czech Republic “have serious problems for years but now it has even escalated” regards Apple products & service. It seems also that they act the same way we act: writing letters to Mr. Jobs.

Here it is their petition, Petr Cihlar send to us:

“Dear Mr. Jobs,
It is very important to intervene in Czech Republic. Our Apple market is collapsing due to IMC system that rules here in very poor and arrogant way, abusing their monopoly.
95% of Czech dealers make revolt and did not sign new contract with Czech Apple IMC. The contract we have been offered without any consultations with us is UNSIGNABLE! We have here serious problems for years but now it has even escalated. IMC does not only watches their own pockets, but they do harm Apple brand and reputation. The methods they are using now here are in many countries even illegal, I believe.

Mr. Jobs,
please believe, I know what I am talking about and there is much more, but does not fit to this letter. Please do not postpone this letter to IMC responsible in Apple Euro. They would cover up this know problem like they did before. I have met them already. They call my activities to be just personal, but consider: 95% if not 100% Czech top Apple dealers did not sign new discriminative contract with Czech IMC. It cannot go on like this. This is our fight for you and should also be YOUR fight. Please HELP. We are offering maximum cooperation.

This email has been also sent to our friends in Poland and Greece, that fight the same fight.
PS: Czech IMC is the only computer company here, that does not have bar code reader! Why should they? They have a contract with you!”

Petr Cihlar claims, their web site We want Apple Czech Republic will come soon.



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