Dec 13th, 2008

Despina Christodoulou’s comment on ‘Steve, please do something!’ (online petition)

“Steve, being a Mac lover in Greece in 2009 is like it was being a Mac lover in the UK in 1993.
Come on, Macs are beautiful, you should let everyone around the world have the chance to experience how gorgeous they are!”

Despina Christodoulou
Online petition: ”Steve, please do something!”, comment 4961.



Buying a Macbook in Greece is expensive. Since I wanted my next laptop to be an Apple MacBook, I decided to buy one from UK, during my last visit.
350 euros cheaper than the cheapest Greek retailer is quite a big difference for exactly the same thing, don’t you think??

Anyhow, glad I bought this piece of equipment, sad that my money didn’t stay within the Greek borders, especially during these bad ,financially speaking, times.

To begin with, the first sign of misery is that one writes here usually in English whereas the language of Greece is Greek I guess. Second: the mere fact that my names appear underscored as if incorrect shows the monumental insufficiency of every Apple product with regard the most obvious thing in this world - writing. In a lettered world Apple does not (want to) come up with writing (=word processing, font managing etc.). It is not enough if “Macs are beautiful”. As for me, after 18 years struggling with EVERYTHING concerning writing, word processing, languages, linguistics and the like, I find Macs hateful. Thirdly, it is revolting that everything is - allegedly - simple and easy. It was Tiger’s Character Palette and Keyboard that made the cup full. Allegedly easy and friendly, I find them an Inferno. I can’t work in the so “advanced” OS X (Tiger) whereas I could in the so “miserable” OS 9. I am a linguist-philologist. I do not speak of banal issues like writing in English or Italian. With German, there already are problems, not to speak of Russian or any other Eastern-European language. Ask any academic and/or scholar what he thinks of an Apple computer. I need linguistics, phonetics, phonology, Indo-European, Eastern languages, Persian, Sanskrit, linguistics contexts with various examples, root structures and the like. An Apple computer is completely unable to meet these requirements. It is more than unfair that is was carefully kept back that an Apple computer is unsuitable for philology and/or linguistics. I wanted the “best computer of the world” (as it was advertised), I made PAINFUL investments, and I got the worst (with regard to philological and linguistic needs) computer of the world.
A.L. Katonis ()

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