Oct 1st, 2007

George Bourous’ comment

“I live in the US (NYC), where we enjoy ample support and a gorgeous 24/7 Apple super store. To think that when I bring my Macbook Pro to Greece for personal and business use and know there is no real support or have the ability to buy accessories in Greece is shortsighted by Apple to put it nicely.
I’d like to know that there will service in this well developed country in case I even need it while visiting. The fact that support is minimal for Macs in Greece prove that Apple no longer has its eye on the ball as we have seen with the iPhone pricing/AT&T debacle here in the US.
With Apple’s great computers that actually work and work well, all Greeks can easily be won over to switch from PC if only Steve Jobs could see the bigger picture.”

George Bourous
Petition to Steve Jobs, comment 3153.



I’m from Spain, and I bought aMacbook Pro in Spain months ago. In that moment, I was able to enjoy some of the student discounts offered.

I came to Greece to finish my studies and I realized that If I have a problem with my mac, perhaps it’s better for me take a plane to Madrid, than try to fix it here, in the strange Apple store I was able to find.

Also now I’m not moving everyday to the university and I’d like to buy and imac.. but the prices are inflated, and of course no discount for students.

I don’t know when Apple will fix this. But meanwhile I cannot recommend a Mac to someone who lives in Greece.

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