Nov 21st, 2006

Online petition: Steve, please do something!

To: Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple

Dear Steve,

The time has come that we, the Apple-Mac users in Greece, call upon your help and ask for Apple’s attention.

In an attempt to stimulate the interest of those responsible for the ongoing, unacceptable situation in Greece in regard to Apple products and service, the “” has been created by Greek Mac users.
We, the clients and end consumers of apple products, have long been left out of every new Apple development taking place in the rest of the EU. The service and support provided by several companies in our country do not follow even the basic standards set by Apple companies worldwide.
It is extremely important for one to realize that the percentage of the Mac platform in Greece today is much higher than that presented by the incomplete Greek IMC statistics which left out details of other Mac independent importers, sales from Europe, USA, etc. Despite the bad service and lack of support in our country, we still have a surprising high - and growing! - number of Mac users.
We are faced with closed doors at the local IMC, however with the immense effort of Mac users across the country, local Mac communities have been set up to provide support and to promote Apple products within our country.
We stand united in our quest for a competitive Apple products market, as well as real help, support and service for these products, set at the same high standards as the rest of the EU.

Mac users in Greece have come together to sign this petition and call for Apple Inc. and your help to set up Apple Greece, or even better “Apple Hellas”.

Steve, please do something!

We thank you for your time and eagerly anticipate your reply.
The Greek Mac users and friends.

The Undersigned

All the above text is our online petition “Steve, please do something!”. The petition was uploaded on 27th of October, 2006 and it is still accessible here; no reply from Apple Inc. until now.



We are desperate for Apple stores with service, and Apple Greece! I am a Mac user since last year and my family became after me! We buy from the U.S.

Well, in reading all these comments I can only add that both beggars & swearers are right, but I would like to ask the swearers something...Since there ARE customers who have already bought an Apple computer/ipod or whatever...dont they deserve at least the attention of Apple?? Of course after that they wont buy an apple product again (most probably), but what happens if that thing they have which they surely cherish & love?

On the other hand, I would like to ask the admin of this place what kind of actions are taken with this petition? meaning HOW is this petition reaching Apple executive ears, and is there probably a way to spread this petition MORE by any means?  I would love to help. Please contact me if need for help.

By the way, I am a great big newbie in Apple products. I have been using my own for 1 year, and used a PowerPc a few years ago. Thats all.

At this point I am looking to buy a MacBookPro 15.4 @2.2 and all hear from everywhere is that it has been out of stock since JULY07!!!! Its almost been 3 months+ and they are expecting (retailers) stock in Mid December, advising at the same time that the orders are so many that none will be left for the more recent wanna-own-apple-customers! Well, what can I say?

Steve Jobs, seems like u aint doing your Job.

couldn’t agree more, rainbow sucks a lot! i spent an extra 200 euros or something for a silly cd made by rainbow when i got my imac, to install the greek language onto the system.. it only translated the finder… 200 euros for 5 translations i could have even made?????? now they r giving it for free and wont accept me returning it.

p.s. never by the macally ipod firewire car charger thingy… it burned out my never-gone-wrong-3-year-old 20gb ipod, (i know because i tested it afterwards with an electronic meter and it was giving out way too much power) and after a ‘rainbow expert’ looked at it, said it was my car’s fault !!!!????!?!?!?!?! yes the same car ive plugged all my phones and other stuff into without a problem

come on apple open a store in greece n wipe out that fake bourdelo rainbow business

I want Apple Hellas, for many reasons

I just got a new MacBook Pro, the battery failed after 4 days and all Rainbow did was keep it and talk down to me for wanting it to work and for asking for a quick service (due to urgent projects that need completion).

Dear All,

I bought a MacBookPro 15.4"@2.2Ghz on 10Nov07.

Unfortunately I got one of those with the faulty batteries for which Apple Inc has made a global act to satisfy her customers by replacing those batteries. Rainbow S.A. has made a relevant statement of policy regarding this matter which you can find on the following link.

For the record, my battery at 100% at 11.29am dropped to 22% by 12.39am. Thats a 78% drop in 1h10m.

So, on Friday, 23Nov07, I call them, and after a full 30 minute on hold to be connected to the service/repair department, I was asked to bring the machine along with its ac adapter/charger (or however it is called) in order to have my battery replaced. So I set off to do as advised. Silly me to think it would be that easy. When I arrived to this ghastly image of Apple in Greece, one of the employees asked me what was my problem. I told them that I have called and that I had a battery “reserved” for immediate replacement. He finds the battery with my name on it, and brings it on the front desk. Suddenly, another employee (some of you should know about that blonde excuse of a woman), and tells both me & the other employee that the machine has to stay in to be checked for any other deficiency it might have, which on one hand it is a righteous thing to do, but on the other hand, they require AT LEAST two days to check it. And we are talking about a Power Measurement. Anyway, after a long debate on how they should handle such a case with a brand new machine in hand, and how should I cope as a professional with no machine for the days they require to check it, she asked me that as a professional, dont I have other machines to work with??? Can you believe this?
Anyway, as I needed immensely the machine during the weekend, I decided to bring it in today, Monday, 26Nov07. Other than the fact that delivery/pick-up of machines can only be made from 10.00 to 14.00, I have to admit that they think they are having to do with absolut idiots. I had a mouse bluetooth adapter on my computer, for the record the Logitech VX nano, and she asks me that if when the battery drops occur, if this is hooked up. Stunned as I was, I was ready to jump over her desk and bite her throat. Well, of course I did not, but I asked her : Honestly, do you think I am that stupid? Her response was that I am not cooperative at all and that this might be causing the problem. Well, it gets better. Of course I had to ask what happens if the machine was faulty (other than the battery), what is the policy to be followed. She calmly responds that the machine is REPAIRED!!! A brand new machine, not older that 16 days, and that it is repaired. By law, I am entitled to a replacemet machine, and I am going to fight for that right.

So I left the machine to the hands of those incompetent staff, and now I am waiting for a response from them within the next few days. Steve help me if I dont sue them if they decide not to provide lawful & respectful services towards me, a paying customer of a brand new machine.

Thanks for reading.

Dear All,

Following up the above, I got my machine back today, 27Nov07, finally, they exchanged my battery but I am having some trouble which seem to be memory related. Most apps and windows get that jittery movement as if memory is blocked or cluttered. Diagnostic tools dont seem to be finding any trouble, but I am reluctant about what it might has been causing this now.

No new apps have been installed. Dammit, I am so pissed right now.

I will work on it today to see how it goes and will take it back to those butchers.

I will keep you updated.


I LOVE this site!!! I am an American living in Greece for the past 3 years and a graphic designer who’s been using Macs since the introduction of the Mac II in the 1980s. I have been extremely nervous using my powerbook (and now MacBook) here due to the limited resources. Our first experiences with Rainbow were NOT encouraging and I’ve since relied on having product sent from the states.

By the way, it would be great to find some Greek fonts I can use on the Mac. If anyone has tips on this please let me know.

Thanks so much.

Alan Stone

Hello Allan.
Sorry for the delay of my answer.
If you use Mac OS X, obviously you have already Unicode fonts with Greek characters. Just add the Greek keyboard from the System Preferences > International > Input Menu.
Also there are many places where you can download free Greek fonts for a Mac.
Try searching on Greek Mac Community’s websites or visit some addresses on Petros Dimitriadis’ blog page.
Have a happy new year!

I have a Mac and the support here in Greece is horrible. It took 3 weeks to replace my optical drive. We want Apple in Greece!

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