Nov 21st, 2006

Online petition: Steve, please do something!

To: Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple

Dear Steve,

The time has come that we, the Apple-Mac users in Greece, call upon your help and ask for Apple’s attention.

In an attempt to stimulate the interest of those responsible for the ongoing, unacceptable situation in Greece in regard to Apple products and service, the “” has been created by Greek Mac users.
We, the clients and end consumers of apple products, have long been left out of every new Apple development taking place in the rest of the EU. The service and support provided by several companies in our country do not follow even the basic standards set by Apple companies worldwide.
It is extremely important for one to realize that the percentage of the Mac platform in Greece today is much higher than that presented by the incomplete Greek IMC statistics which left out details of other Mac independent importers, sales from Europe, USA, etc. Despite the bad service and lack of support in our country, we still have a surprising high - and growing! - number of Mac users.
We are faced with closed doors at the local IMC, however with the immense effort of Mac users across the country, local Mac communities have been set up to provide support and to promote Apple products within our country.
We stand united in our quest for a competitive Apple products market, as well as real help, support and service for these products, set at the same high standards as the rest of the EU.

Mac users in Greece have come together to sign this petition and call for Apple Inc. and your help to set up Apple Greece, or even better “Apple Hellas”.

Steve, please do something!

We thank you for your time and eagerly anticipate your reply.
The Greek Mac users and friends.

The Undersigned

All the above text is our online petition “Steve, please do something!”. The petition was uploaded on 27th of October, 2006 and it is still accessible here; no reply from Apple Inc. until now.



Well, this Rainbow is the world’s most idiotic business entity and a huge disgrace to Apple’s image in Greece.

I did take my macbook pro to (not unibody) on 19Oct09, and had to have replacements of the keyboard & the top component.

Well, until today 13Nov09 they have not called me so of course I called to see whats going on. They said the machine is ready for me to pick up, and I asked them why such a delay. They said that the phone number they had was wrong which was totally untrue since in the receipt document the phone number IS correct.

The motto is “ Quality is a Science, Service is an Art”.

Sorry, but they are faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from it.



We need real support from Apple Europe… Its time for Apple Greece. Time to increase the Apple Computer users share in Greece with Apple Greece. Greek people needs Apple GR and we do not need another resealer. We will continue to buy Apple products outside Greece if Apple continues to IGNORE us.

To Patrick:
Well, you are completely right about Rainbow. They are dangerous, to say the least.
Unfortunately, to my mind, it is not about Rainbow any more. There are no words to describe how dissatisfied I with Apple am. I guess, Apple’s non-presence in Greece is not due only to the insignificance of a market Greece would offer. It is due to Apple deficiency in anything special like a language Greek is.
I am engaged in classics and linguistics and I can assert that what Apple “offers” in this field is a horror.

HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more Rainbow Service as of 01Dec09!!!!!

What a wonderful thing to know by accident while going to get my machine back!!! Even as such, for machines given to rainbow, you need to make an appointment to get it as there is no one to cut the receipts…

Long live Info Quest!!!

As early as 2007, in several angry letters I suggested Rainbow to shut down! But for me, it is not about Rainbow (otherwise dangerous and foolish) any more. I now know a bit more and I can assert that Greek “is Greek to Apple” (not only to Rainbow!), and not only Greek “is Greek” to them but also anything linguistic. I cannot but repeat myself: their “revolution in font management” (S.A. Litt et al., Mac OS X Tiger Bible, ©2005, p. 387) is a HORROR and a HELL. Rainbow has/had nothing to do with that if not only that they did not even understand that Apple does not understand a philologist needs in Greece and in this “world” Apple always writes about. An Apple computer is anything but an aid for linguists and classicists. Why would Apple run happily into a land and a domain they DO NOT UNDERSTAND A WORD OF?

3 years and 2 months ago i signed the petition,3 years and 2 months of silence from apple’s side just a vague promise from the head of europe? that never happened.
We had a change of reseller from Rainbow to Infoquest… seriously........... no comment.
I buy apple computer’s+ipod’s for the last 9 years and of course i bought the iphone since it has what i was always looking to a phone, but i think i will stop now.
Reason?My last iMac after some months on the sides of the screen (left and right) i notice something that was looked like dust? i thought ok i will just get the glass off and clean it, to my surprise this “dust” was not dirt in the glass but was ON the screen itself,now why i didn’t take it to the reseller for service you will ask,who will in right mind would leave the machine for months and be with none for all this time?Not me so i was stuck with a machine with a “problem”.
Next was the iphone that after 14 months of joy the home button died,i read online and i see that many got this problem,i read also that people that took the iphone to vodafone (thats my provider) waited months for a reply .... pointless to say anything.
Thank you Apple for the wonderful machines and gadgets that you create,but without proper support in the countries that you sell them aka apple official store no matter how wonderful they are i stop buying them from now on.
A disappointed customer...3 years and 2 months.....

To Achilleas Stamatakis
I understand you, my heartfelt sympathy. But believe me, 3 years are not too many. I also signed that petition perhaps three years ago. I have been fighting for 19 years now. From this, for about a decade, being stuffed up that “Apple Macintosh is the best in the world” I was convinced that I was fool and I could not understand the greatness either of computer science or of Apple. I am not technical minded, you know, I am a “bookish fool”. I changed my mind completely. Although your problems seem to regard mostly hardware and mine are with software (with font management and the like) I do not doubt that there are problems everywhere with everything. Apple is much inferior that they would (and would be able to) admit ever.
With regard to my job (where I am not a fool) I declare with certainty that Apple’s font management, and everything having to do with writing (word processors, keyboards, Character Palette, fonts) is a hair-raising horror. An Apple computer is an unfair and dangerous enemy of philology. More generally, in issues where I do not feel so competent, I simply (this is one of the favorite words of Apple advertising) assume that nothing is, after all, so perfect. If this were the case then the whole world would head over heels run and adopt Apple Macintosh. Why don’t they do this? And why don’t academics prefer Macintosh computers? I think that after 19 years I know.
Also: Greek “is Greek” to Apple, and also Greece “is Greek” to them. Why would they run and adopt this market?
Lastly: computer science, with regard to linguistic needs, is deplorably stupid. At least as stupid as I am in mathematics. I don’t know what and how with mathematics in computer science. When about mathematics, I immediately get a head-ache. But I understand linguistics and philology. Trying to understand that horror which is called Unicode, at least the part pertaining to Greek, I asked a student who studied computer science if there was some mathematical logic, because it is certain that there is no linguistic or philological logic. His answer was negative. If there is no philological logic then that “system” is an unprincipled omnium-gatherum once. If there is no mathematical logic either, it is an unprincipled mad chaos twice. What to expect then? This has nothing to do with Apple, if not only that they, too, do not understand a word, and do/did not understand either that all this was/is a mess. and do not care.
What remains in favor of Apple?
I know: as far as a Macintosh computer is empty it is “crystal clear”, “clean” and “perfect”. Suitable for being a decoration is a room. Do I not express myself clearly? When I bought my first computer, a PowerBook 145 in 1991, it was EMPTY. I informed the sales manager in advance that I knew nothing, literally. I was an absolute beginner: I did not know how to switch the computer on and how to shut it down. “This is not a problem”, was the answer. This was/is Greece, this is/was an Apple Macintosh computer. And this is/was “computer science”.

As an American living in Greece, as a Mac user since 1986 and as someone who has worked in advertising and marketing for over 30 years I can tell you I would only buy and use a Mac. That said, I can understand the frustration with Mac service here in Greece - there isn’t any! But, this is not intended to be a slap in the face toward Greeks - at least not in my opinion. Greece is just not a big enough market for Apple and until the demand/use increases this will continue. I, too, would like to do more with creating graphics with both Latin and Greek fonts but I find the selection is limited and often awkward to use. Again, this is a result of there being a very small need in the marketplace to justify the expense of creating and promoting these features. Also, this is not entirely Apple’s fault as most fonts and software come from other vendors that are designed for Macs and licensed to Apple or users of Apple computers. As for service, it’s going to be up to enterprising individuals to create a repair and help service here in Greece - and hopefully in other areas besides Athens.

To A. Stone:

Of course, if you work in advertising, what else would you say? If you work for Coca Cola or for Pepsi Cola you are supposed to drink Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola respectively. In a reverse case you might be fired.
I am a bit surprized because we already had a correspondence and we agreed that there are serious shortcomings with Apple’s font management. It is NOT Greece any more I am angry with, and NOT Apple non-presence in Greece. Whether present or not, this is, if not exactly the same, yet similar.
It is REVOLTING that advertising chants about the “world’s best ...”, about “ease” and about “simplicity”, and the like. With regard to what is not in my line I SUSPECT that there are serious problems whereas with what is my job I have NO DOUBTS about a very serious Mac deficiency.
When I bought MacMini 4 years ago I did this imagining that this “was a small wonder, exactly for my desk”. This was the advertising. Much later I came to know that this is “the most affordable desktop computer”, a ridiculous nought in other words. I until this day do not work with it (=can not work well with it). Elite, Rainbow’s henchmen in Thessaloniki (this would have been meant for my room at the university) DID NOT PROVIDE ANY SUPPORT. This is the Greek part in the issue. The fact that my technician had to work on it, repeatedly, in all, for about two years (Greek slowness and ordering problems added) is not any more a purely Greek negativism. When I asked the Elite henchmen to show me how to scan they were neither sure nor successful. For a while I could scan SOMEHOW, and for a LONG time I couldn’t. This has nothing to do font management! Printig with All-in-One (bought also from Elite) was now possible now impossible! (Very difficult with OS 9. I asked for a printer suitable both for OS 9 and OS X. I COULD NOT STOP using OS 9 because I HAD THERE MANY IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS first, and secondly, because it was impossible to pass to OS X in one day. Printing is something Apple “manuals” write SEVERAL PAGES on whereas on much more important word processing they write 3 lines in average. Printing produces transcendencies until this day (8.01.2010!). I had problems with image processing, with my camera if attached to my mac and so on. All this is NOT word processing. So I suspect a more general Apple deficiency.

What regards philology, I have no doubst. If your business or home address is available I can provide you with a very considerable number of pieces of evidence proving that a Macintosh computer - with regard to philology - is an UNDERHAND, BASE, UNFAIR, HARMFUL, VERY DANGEROUS ENEMY. This is, after almost twenty years fierce fighting, my opinion. With “philology” I do not mean writing something in one or two languages (say, English and German). This is banal and I have no problems. I mean Classics, Classical Philology, Linguistics, Phonetics, Phonology, Historical and Indo-European Linguistics,

To A. Stone:
Indology (in which I am increasingly interested, although I am - to be fair (unlike advertising and Apple itself) - not an indologist, using different symbols, finding and/or creating them, keeping/storing them (and NOT losing them), using Eastern European languages where I have some knowledge and idea, producing SCHOLARLY PAPERS with such content(s). This is what I mean and not MP3s and 4s, not Skype and Web cam, not chatting and the like.
You easily reassure me that you would use only Macintosh. Do you know Greek? As an American, you can very well live on here without any Greek, although you know some Modern Greek, I am sure. This is NOTHING, I reassure you. This is AN OBVIOUS MINIMUM, although, if you have a large corpus in OS 9 - which is NOT FOR DUST, as is my case - you can’t have it in OS X. To be precise, you can have it but converting is an odyssey. When I bought MacMini, and more importantly, installed Tiger on my G4 portable at the same time, THIS WAS CAREFULLY KEPT BACK. I was amazed seeing that everything was “Chinese”. Then those henchmen (Elite) told me that “they told me that converting was not possible”. NO, THEY DID NOT! This was kept back! And then another twist came. About a year (!) later I managed to find a technician in Athens (if I lived in Thessaloniki I would never have found one). We sat down and “converted” my doctoral thesis (about seven hundred pages). That day belongs to the worst of my life. Not only because “converting” was a four-five hour horror but because the “result” is terrible: it resembles a battle-field after the clashes are over. Incredibly much manual work is/would be needed. I did not work on my thesis since then though I want to rewrite it in English.
You may know some Modern Greek. That’s good. And Ancient Greek? Can you read authors or epigraphical sources in original? You can’t, can you? Not to speak of Latin. (Latin, ina technical sense is almost nothing to computer although there are some peculiarities. And Ancient Italic languages? You never heard of them I am sure. Such a knowledge is for me also evident. NOT for a Macintosh computer. What, if you had an about seven hundred page dissertation in OS 9 like me. I worked nearly ten years on that dissertation. In 1990, I was EMPHATICALLY ADVISED TO USE MACINTOSH because these are “the best computers”. My thesis is a complicated and very specialized linguistic one with much classical philology added. I do not use just two languages (Ancient and Modern Greek) but hundreds of examples and dozens of languages - the examples being, on principle - NOT in transcription. What I did not find in those terrible years I created with Fontographer. THIS is what I need. This is lost in OS X. If I lost OS 9, the catastrophy would be here. I cannot use that Fontographer in OS X. Is there one? A not vectorial one. I can’t work with those vectorial things AND I DON’T NEED IT. That “primitive” one in OS 9 would be very good. My pupil couldn’t find. And I have no time for more. Before that terrible “converting” almost 4 years ago, there was much more odyssey. First of all, the Elite henchmen DENIED (literally!) any support in connecting me to the Internet. “There is the university, they do this”. NO, they couldn’t. “Easy” and “simple” a Macintosh as it is, THEY

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