Nov 21st, 2006

Online petition: Steve, please do something!

To: Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple

Dear Steve,

The time has come that we, the Apple-Mac users in Greece, call upon your help and ask for Apple’s attention.

In an attempt to stimulate the interest of those responsible for the ongoing, unacceptable situation in Greece in regard to Apple products and service, the “” has been created by Greek Mac users.
We, the clients and end consumers of apple products, have long been left out of every new Apple development taking place in the rest of the EU. The service and support provided by several companies in our country do not follow even the basic standards set by Apple companies worldwide.
It is extremely important for one to realize that the percentage of the Mac platform in Greece today is much higher than that presented by the incomplete Greek IMC statistics which left out details of other Mac independent importers, sales from Europe, USA, etc. Despite the bad service and lack of support in our country, we still have a surprising high - and growing! - number of Mac users.
We are faced with closed doors at the local IMC, however with the immense effort of Mac users across the country, local Mac communities have been set up to provide support and to promote Apple products within our country.
We stand united in our quest for a competitive Apple products market, as well as real help, support and service for these products, set at the same high standards as the rest of the EU.

Mac users in Greece have come together to sign this petition and call for Apple Inc. and your help to set up Apple Greece, or even better “Apple Hellas”.

Steve, please do something!

We thank you for your time and eagerly anticipate your reply.
The Greek Mac users and friends.

The Undersigned

All the above text is our online petition “Steve, please do something!”. The petition was uploaded on 27th of October, 2006 and it is still accessible here; no reply from Apple Inc. until now.



To A. Stone

COULD NOT HELP. And if they could there would not be a big difference: it is undergoing tribulations antil you get support. They close at 3 p.m. (not at 9 p.m. like the Freie Universität in Berlin). Thessaloniki University is the second one in Greece. What about the first, Athens University? Fortunately I live in Athens. NO, “believe us we would like to help you very much but we don’t understand Macintosh”, was the answer (I have an account there too). And yet, Macintosh is both “easy” and “simple”, isn’t it? If it is so easy and simple, then, first how is it possible that evenn a simpleton, like me, does not understand it EASILY and IMMEDIATELY, and secondly, a professional has difficulties. Do Apple officials know what they are speaking about? To be short, it took ONLY 18 months until I had a normal Internet access through OS X owing to my technician whom I found, as I wrote, some 10-12 months later. After the first success, I had very soon THREE more serious odyssies with Internet access for a duration between 6 (!) and 3 months. I until this very day have sometimes smaller “episodes” as it is put in Greek. This is, of course, the Greek “contribution”. Is Mac indeed “simple” and “easy”. I sat beside that technician: I saw clearly her problems. Why is Macintosh “easy” and “simple”.
There is, however, MUCH, MUCH more. Four years ago, after installing Tiger on my G4 (powerbook) the “aprokhorito” came. A tremendous ocean of unsolvable problems. For a bookish fool of the kind I am a whole life would not have been enough.
After having found that technician, the very first job was to purify the system of a number of what? rubbish?, impurities?, bad settings?, errors? What was this? The technician said: “the computer behaves strangely and does things it should not do”. I had, until then, been struggling along with this “computer” for six years. I bought it in 2000. In a heroic seven (!!) hour session the technician purified my system. I have no idea what had been done. I know only that problems were so numerous and so serious that - “easy” and “simple” as everything is - a professional needed seven hours to fix the FIRST bugs. In the last 4 years I may have paid about 5 thousand Euros for my computer needs. WHO is responsible for all this? That “company” (Apex) I bought this computer from? They do not exist any more. Apple laboratories? WHERE did Apex buy/take/import this “computer” FROM?
I could “easily” write hundreds of pages. No, this is not easy, I have no time.
So, listen. You obviously do not need font managing facilities, you don’t have philological duties, you are not engaged in indology or phonetics. One thing is to know that Keyboard, Character Palette, Font Book, fonts, font management are not perfect with an Apple Macintosh, and another thing is to get confronted with all these every day. The “100 % complete” Litt et al. Macintosh OS X Bible does not write a word on how to map fonts. For Keyboard they suggest to “experiment”. I never read anywhere in an Apple source what to do about Keyboards. Somebody suggested me Ukelele. My technician never heard of it.

To A. Stone:
I have Ukelele now. I was EMPHATICALLY AND REPEATEDLY reassured that mapping is “very easy and very simple”. I wanted to create a Devanagari Keyboard. (What I did in OS 9 with Devanagari with effort is useless this superb new OS X). So, immediately the FIRST RUB: where to map Anusvara, Anunasika, Visarga etc. (these are like diacritics, you know). No idea. In that “miserable” OS 9 I could find my way with PopChar (NOT and Apple product by the way) and with Keyboard. PopChar showed everything with precision. Everything was - though neither simple nor easy - but VERY CLEAR. I FOUND MY WAY. In this superb OS X NOTHING is clear. OK, although INCONSISTENT, and so, ANNOYING and UNSCHOLARLY, let these diacritics leave for later. Then, let’s come to the first letter, to “ka” (this is the first in Devanagari). Where to map “ka”? Naturally, to “k”. ("a" is default; if there is no vowel, then a consonant, by default, has “a"). NO, IMPOSSIBLE! Whether a system madness of that moment, of those days/weeks/months or not, mapping a “k(a)” to “k” was not possible! Only to something else, e.g. to “l”!!! Well, as early as 4 years ago, I put down that this “system” (i.e. OS X) must be ILL. And I did not know anything then! Despite the reassurings of my technician, and, later a pupil who studied computer science and specializes in font management, I insist that this “system” is ill. If not manufactured ill (I would insist on this) then somewhere on its way some bungling (Greek???) hands did their work. Four years ago, I was extremely upset and angry with everything and everybody Greek. I am NOT now. It is not Greek stupidity (otherwise existing). No, the name of the problem is “Apple Macintosh”! It was just two weeks ago: I spent Chrismas holidays at a friend’s on the Peloponnesos. He is a writer. For many decades, he did not want to hear of computers. Now he uses one. He began after he retired. “The first advice”, he said, “I got was that the computer should not be a Macintosh Computer”! WHY, Mss? And what I WAS ADVISED, repeatedly, and very emphatically, twenty years ago, was that I should use Apple Macintosh! WHY?, Mss? Writing articles, plays, novels, feuilletons is - in a technical sense - RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE. I have no problem in “writing” although I am not a writer. This guy is. He has no idea of philology and (historical) linguistics, and yet he was warned NOT to use a Macintosh computer. How is this possible? So, what about that Devanagari? Let’s see the first vowel then. This, in Sanskrit (and in Hindi), too, is “a”. Good, I need, of course both “akara” (the Sanskrit a) and the “Hindi a”. The designations are imprecise because BOTH of them occur in both languages. To put it simply: there are two different symbols, equally used, for “a”. This simple corollary is ununderstandable for computer “science” and something impenetrable for computer geniuses. Usage is a matter of Sanskrit and of Hindi, and of text editing. AS A PHILOLOGIST I MUST FOLLOW MY SOURCES. This is a matter of principle. If it is akara, then I need an akara. If it is the other, then, I need the other. BOTH. Good. I map the akara (parenthetically: I simply do not know and do not understand until today if this great and superb “system” has akara or not!). I used a GOOD and very rich linguistic font, TITUS Cyberbit Basic,

To A. Stone:

created by the German Indogermanische Gesellschaft for Apple Macintosh. I map Devanagari akara to “a”, drag it to the Keyboard under construction, and it BECOMES HINDI A! This is not simply unacceptable, this is AN INSULT to scholarship. No explanation can be accepted. The “system” is UNDERHAND, insufficient, very probably ill, crazy, simply, UNSUITABLE for scholarly needs, A RUBBISH. This ONE example is not the single one. As far as I can recollect my terrible Tiger years experiences (leaving the foregoing 15 years aside) they may rise to about two thousand. And you insist on recommending Macintosh. Don’t think that I will, after twenty years, swallow this up! I did in 1990-1991. Tell this to beginners but be aware that after years they may call you to account. Ask them better, carefully, first, what they are engaged in. If they are linguistics students or classicists, you better do not give them any advice. I DID NOT CONCEAL, 20 years ago, that my needs were philological and linguistic. Nobody paid any attention. Do you know what “travane yaka” (τραβάνε γιακά) means? Ask your wife if she is Greek. This is what can be said on technicians here if they hear of Macintosh. My wife works in an organization where they began, about the same time I began my amuck, to work with Macs. Today, there is no Mac there. Those technicians are, among others, my wife says, the ones who “travane yaka” whenever they hear of Macintosh. That work is MUCH EASIER than mine: they are environmentalists. They don’t need any philology. Not even Ancient Greek. I NEVER IN MY LIFE MET a bigger unfairness than this with Apple Macintosh. I opted for the best and I got the worst. Even the word “worst” is improper: for philology, this is a NON-COMPUTER.
To abandon this friek? Yes, I thought of this six years ago. I was then VERY EMPHATICALLY ADVISED not to do this but to pass to OS X (the advisors were experts, academics, specialists! - at least I thought they were). It is not possible now. I invested too much into this monster. What is possible is to buy a PC and to begin to work is parallel (=at double cost, double work). This is Apple’s world.

A.L. Katonis

Mr. Katonis,

I was only trying to give you the possible reason Apple does not look at Greece as a economical marketplace at the present time so please don’t shoot the messenger.

Your rant on Apple sounds like how I feel sometimes about life in Greece. But, as it was my choice to live here so it is that it was your choice to buy Mac. My advice: get over it and move on. The first rule of computer buying is to first decide what type of work you want to do then buy the computer that will run the software designed for that work. I’ve told you before - and you have explained - that all your problems are not related to Apple or the Mac. I’m in graphics - or was - and it’s the perfect machine for my needs and that purpose. Your world is entirely different. It’s unique and requires specific software, fonts and other capabilities. Obviously, the Mac is not for you. Using this forum to complain about it is not the solution to your problem.

Thanks for the advice. My choice was once, after much asking, since I knew then nothing.
Six years ago I wanted to do exactly what you advise now. I was dissuaded.
Rant or not, I don’t like to be misled.
What is obvious now should have been 20 years ago, or at least sic years ago. Now, it is not so easy.
A year ago perhaps I apologized for my very angry comments (not because I think/thought that am/was not right but because I did not want to hurt others’ feelings. This also now so. But I am very angry).
This time, I felt provoked.

And Now What
We Request Everything From Apple Without Us To Do Something

IF WE (as a country) Don’t Promote Apple THEN WE NEVER GOIGN TO HAVE GOOD SERVICES And Thats Just Because Apple HAs NO Reason To Bring Good Services In Here

With So Small Number Of Users Why Should Make A Good Service Here
Just For 5000 People

And Don’t Think That I Don’t Like Apple
Love Apple
Im 14 Years Old
I Want Something Better
And I Try For It

I Recommend You Do The Same

Thank you for the last comment. I expressed my view many times and I have not changed. So that I do not get angry again (I AM anyway) and insult others I’ll try the impossible: to write dispassionately. For me, “Apple” and “Macintosh” equal a privative. Just a few weeks ago I ordered an external hard disk. I explained very carefully what they know anyway, that I am Mac user. The disk is a Captiva 2.5"External HDD Serial ATA etc. All this is indifferent to me. “Captivus” or “captiva”, slave-holder or slave, I dont care. I just need(ed) a hard disk. When connecting I am informed that it “cannot be modified”. This impossible, distorted language must mean that I cannot copy anything. No reason is given. I don’t remember just one case ever when I was, if a mac, successful with anything at a first attempt. This is Greece and this is Macintosh. A privative. For what else does one buy an external hard disk if not for “modifying?” it?


Every external drive I have purchased here in Greece - whether Maxtor, Segate, etc. - has been able to be formatted for Mac without a problem. You should be able to do this using the Mac Disk Utility located in the Utilities folder in your Applications folder. Please feel free to email me if you would like assistance (). I have been a Mac user since the mid-1980s and while I don’t know everything I would be happy to help if I can.

I have been a Mac user since the 80s.
RAINBOW is a disgrace for Apple products.
People are getting tired of looking at blue Windows’ screens and Macs are getting somewhat more popular but clearly this is not enough.
Given the proper attention and support Apple would easily get a good niche in the personal computer market in Greece.
Please act !!!!

As a real friend of Greece and Greecks (more than 30 summer holydays around your country) and about 10 weeks of work in Greece I am pleased to add my support to your petition.

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