Dec 17th, 2006

Sign the petition up to 25th of December

Over 1715 people have sign until this moment, our “Steve, please do something!” online petition. The time has come to send this letter directly to Apple Computer Inc., Cupertino, California.
We need your help! Please do your best, sign the petition up to 25th of December, 2006.



please please please respect the greek costumer steve

I came to Greece almost 4 years ago with my 3 Macintosh computers, one of which is a laptop. I’ve been aching to replace my now out-of-date gear, but for obvious reasons I am very hesitant to do so. I’ve followed your campaign (for which I applaud you) and read most of the comments here and on the petition site. I’d like to suggest a more realistic approach to what most people seem to be demanding. Although I’d love to have a real AppleStore™ in Greece, it’s not going to happen. Not soon anyway. There are regions in Europe where it would be much more profitable for Apple to invest that kind of money.

What would be an enormous improvement already is if we could order our stuff at a real ONLINE Applestore, set-up by Apple after the same model as the rest of Europe, with the same price model, the same articles, the same service, etc… Or better yet, if Apple would do away with all these regional Online AppleStores and give us Europeans a European Online AppleStore, with all the advantages that US customers have. That would be my Christmas wish.

I pray it may become Apple’s New Year’s resolution…

Καλά Χριστούγεννα και Καλή Χρονιά,
με υγεία, αγάπη και ειρήνη,
και ενα Online AppleStore για την Ελλάδα…

Luc <Λουκάς> Dubois

Hello Luc,
I have to say that your thoughts about a unique European Online AppleStore is a marvelous idea indeed!
I hope the Christmas Spirit will do the best for all.
Happy new year!
Dimitris Karakatsanis

Please Steve. We love your products.....
Please treat us fairly.
We love Apple.....
We love you.....


Rainbow Computer is awful everybody says it.

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