Nov 22nd, 2006

Stavros Stavridis’ comment

“Back at the time of Mac OS 4 you sent people to “listen” our opinions and you gave solutions. Today, some years later, with Mac OSX we feel forgotten.”

Stavros Stavridis
Support Manager of the Geotechnical Department of Municipality of Larissa city
Petition to Steve Jobs, comment 493.

Some notes from Mr. Stavridis about his above comment:

The case that I mentioned was during an annual exhibition in Athens at Zappion. In a session where the Mac OS was discussed, I asked the Apple representative to do something about the today flag for the keyboard, just to know in which language we have turned our keyboard with a glance.
The same person gave some arguments and some Greek “gurus” explained to me that it is easy to know in which situation was the keyboard if I had to turn it every time to English (with a four keys stroke) and then to turn it in Greek (with other two keys stroke), they believed that it was that simple!
Frankly, the same Greek “guru” started to explain something half an hour later on the pontium and he wrote some words in English instead of Greek, deleted them and wrote them back in Greek. I was very lucky to have the Apple representative two meters away from me, so I mentioned the case and he agreed that something has to be changed about the keyboard sign.
I believe that (maybe) I was the last drop for the specific glass “of keyboard” and happily what I asked for, was in the very next Mac OS version (I don’t remember which version anymore), the up today flag in the Menu bar.



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