Jan 13th, 2007

Thank you!

Yes you, Greek bloggers and Macintosh users and friends, all over the world!
The spontaneous support from many Greek bloggers all over the country, no matter which platform they use, is deeply appreciated. They are helped and continue helping us to collect signatures (up to 1900 until now) for our aim. Moreover, their banners linking to wewantAppleGreece made clear and obvious that we have the support of the entire Greek Mac community.
Also a great thank to all over the World Internet news magazines, blogs, rumor sites, forums etc. related to Apple and its products; they keep on assisting us, the Greek Mac Users, to publicize our great problems and the unfair situation between Greece and the other European countries regarding our beloved Macs.
As Lev Grossman says on Time’s Person of the Year: You “This is an opportunity to build a new kind of international understanding, not politician to politician, great man to great man, but citizen to citizen, person to person. It’s a chance for people to look at a computer screen and really, genuinely wonder who’s out there looking back at them.”
We are still keeping on with our aim: asking for Apple’s attention.
We are looking forward for this day; for the day when Apple Inc. will be interested in the forgotten European countries they have abandoned to “Apple’s name undermines”.
Below is a minor list in accidental order, of some of the websites that have links, banners, references or discussions about us and our aim.
TwawFaq-mac.comApple MattersAppleWeblogBeimacPhigita.netVrypan.netΝυστέριPCTechnologyUneducatedTechnews.grMacFreakWebwereldLog.grOfftopic.grBlogs are like opinions. Everybody has one...we Live Pestaola.gr SiteseeinStumbleuponTsevdosServing the PublicOtenetPowerpage.orgMacsimumNewsMacworld.seMacServis.czMacMinuteKostas “Sid” WeblogKtolis’ weblogMacityMac4ArabsPathfindersetteB.ITMacplusiXBT.comStartpagina.nlHegrade.grMac Support NetHELMUGΠΑΤΡΙΣifoAppleStoreMacdunyasiFinland@HomeCult of MacDailyfrappeMacworld.ukAdamopoulos.netArranged DeliriumAWMN.net Cosmix.orgBILDIRGEC.orgThe Macintosh BiblioblogWigglerWeekendgeeksPapo’s logBurekeatersA web (not paper) magazinedtsomp on the keyboardMyphone.grEmirates MacblogSympoziumMacephemeraiNetworkMomentcollectionsSugarenia.comDaily ClerksMacLifePoint.of.viewΟι άλλοιMikesh siteΠαπανώταςΤrainstorming!32μπιτος63 Millions & JennyDavid Visan’s blogMaclander’s ManifestoSamarisStruloblogTech SpotTwest’s SpaceSaudiMacVCDCInsomniaVersutia.



Carry on, m8s!!

We’ll never stop until we get what we deserve!

Just to say thank you for listing my blog A web (not paper) magazine as well.

If I can be of further assistance, just let me know. If any additional news, press releases and any such material is available and you would like me to publish them in all of my 4 wordpress blogs, I will be happy to help.
Best Regards

We will keep on fighting for whats right, for the Greek Macintosh Users until we achive the Apple official representation in Greece.

Thank you WWAG!

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