Dec 29th, 2006

Think different

“Bring up a Greek, the Greeks were among the first to think different!”
David Gavin.
Petition to Steve Jobs, comment 371.

“Your philosophy of universal access to style and information needs to be put into action. Greece is a great untapped marked for Apple products.”
Alexander Prentzas.
Petition to Steve Jobs, comment 1671.

“Apple products should stop being considered expensive in Greece. They should be considered good quality products with great support, just like the company’s philosophy suggests! Do something about it!”
Yiannis Varnavas.
Petition to Steve Jobs, comment 1784.

“Mr. Jobs, what are you waiting for? It is the right thing to do! People in Greece really need Apple! They need good alternatives, especially at universities. People should grow up with ‘think different’. Think now. Act now. Thank you!”
Dimitrios Tsiakas.
Petition to Steve Jobs, comment 1807.



It does really bother me as a Greek, the fact that Greece is a twelve million people market, while at the same time other much smaller markets around the world get Apple’s attention. Microsoft, HP, Dell, and other computer companies build their official presens in Greece over the years. Where is Apple? What are they waiting for? It’s the first time in history of computer business that so many people ask for something that should have been done from the begining. Microsoft has already automated processes by phone for their products in this country, how hard can it be for Apple to establish an Apple Care plan too, for example? Think Different means, don’t think at all? Because thats the way Apple makes us feel. Questions need to be answered… we will be waiting.

Actually Greece is not a 12.000.000-people market.

But I agree with the rest of the above message… :-P

If you add the Cyprus market, it must be around there. Don’t forget that the Greek IMC serves Cyprus as well. Besides it’s up to Apple to add a computer to every Greek house!

I think different

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