Jan 22nd, 2007

TV: no pre-orders for Greeks

Obviously you have heard about the magnificent new device from Apple.
With just some days of sales, the upcoming TV has claimed the top slot on the company online store’s list of best-selling items.
And that’s with pre-orders; the product doesn’t ship until February.
Based on rough calculations performed by the AppleInsider web site - which assumes conservatively that only 10 percent of iPod sales are generated through its online store - Apple TV pre-orders during the first seven days totaled in excess of 70.000.
But… there is no pre-order availability for the Greek customers!
Unfortunately we have to wait - who knows until when; no mention about its price also.
Maybe they are working on its Greek -more expensive- version…
Unbelievable things happen in Greece, regarding Apple products.
You have to live here to find out how difficult it is, to be a Mac user in our country.

More information and discussion forums (in Greek language), regarding Apple TV on Macephemera, MacLife and Helmug topics.

*Update on Feb 11th: Greek Apple IMC’s site price: € 307,26 inc. VAT & shipping cost.



same on you RC we want to pre order appletv now!.

Well, in what appletv could be useful in a greek home? The greek iTS only offers music and iPod games, NO movies, NO tv series, NO music clips…

So even if it’s ported in Greece, what would be its purpose?

I couldn’t agree more with “artech”. What is the point of buying Apple TV in Greece since there is no content available in the Greek iTunes store? Just to watch the beautiful interface?

imagine the greek patch for greek menus .....Who much it will cost????

I surely agree with artech!!

It was an unexpected thing, but as it seems the time for movies via iTunes in Europe, is coming very soon!

Using the iTunes Store is one thing and using AppleTV another. One doesn’t have to buy content from the iTunes Store to use AppleTV. For example, do you buy your holiday photos or home videos from the iTunes Store??? Think before posting!

I only have to agree with John. We (the Greeks) need the TV as any in Europe does :)

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